Assurance Reimbursement Management™

An analytics-driven claims and remittance management solution for healthcare providers who want to automate workflows, improve resource utilization, prevent denials, and accelerate cash flow.

Integrated Medical Claims Management

Increase your first pass claim acceptance rate. Our comprehensive edits package helps you stay current with changing payer rules and regulations.

Focus on claims that need your attention with predictive artificial intelligence into problem claims. Resolve errors faster, and avoid denials before submittal.

Heighten your staff’s productivity with intuitive, exception-based workflows and automated tasks. Your staff can access our flexible, cloud-based technology from any computer.

Practice just-in-time claim follow-up with automated alerts and visibility into the claim lifecycle. Minimize rework with real-time claim editing capabilities within your HIS workflow.

Manage your secondary claims volume through automatic generation of secondary claims and explanation of benefits (EOB) from the primary remittance advice.

Process claims more efficiently. Print and deliver primary paper claims, or add collated claims and EOBs for secondary claims.

Accelerating Cash Flow and Business Office Efficiency

Learn how Nanticoke Health Services uses Assurance Reimbursement Management™ to help them accelerate cash flow and improve business office efficiency.

Floyd Medical Center Achieving Success with Assurance Reimbursement Management™

Learn how Floyd Medical Center uses Assurance Reimbursement Management™ to produce accurate, timely claims.

Accelerate Reimbursement with Just-in-Time Workflow

Claim lifecycle visibility

  • Resolve errors faster with early insight into problematic claims. Assurance Reimbursement Management uses predictive artificial intelligence and payer connectivity to help direct your focus to the claims that need immediate action.
  • Track claims throughout their lifecycle via a color-coded dashboard, which shows where each claim has been received, released, or accepted. You can easily troubleshoot issues to help keep claims moving.
  • Improve efficiency with just-in-time claim follow-up. The system’s built-in intelligence alerts your staff whenever claims need attention.

Accurate, efficient claims processing

  • Stay compliant with changing payer rules and regulations with our package of 837 institutional and professional edits, plus Medicare CCI, Medical Necessity, 72-hour compliance and optional eligibility edits.
  • Help balance your staff’s workload by using payer status and claim assignment rules to assign claims, create workgroups, and monitor claim volume. Make sure team members work the claims that maximize their expertise.
  • Manage denials in the same system as the rest of your claims, leveraging integrated denial and appeals management tools.

Flexible, integrated workflow

  • Enable integrated Medicare claims management and correct claims before real-time submission to Medicare with optional modules. Identify ADRs and prepare, submit, and track attachments.
  • Improve the secondary billing, denial management, and reconciliation processes. Integrated remittance management enables automated remittance file uploads, flexible remittance matching, file formatting, and delivery.
  • Achieve more with optional modules: automated appeal filing and tracking; a web-based portal to submit specialty claims and attachments; advanced claim status responses; and benchmarking/reporting analytics.

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