A/R Management Services

Accounts Receivable Management is the core revenue cycle and A/R management service for hospitals and health systems that want to become more operationally efficient and improve financial performance.

Accelerate Cash; Reduce Risk

Reduce compliance risk from increasingly complex payer contracts.

Improve self-pay collections that have risen due to high deductible health plans.

Improve coding accuracy from ongoing regulatory changes.

Increase revenues and patient collections to meet pressure to preserve financial performance.

Reduce denials and improve claim management to accelerate the revenue cycle.

Improve billing and collection efficiency to reduce the costs associated with getting paid.

End-to-End Accounts Receivable Management Services

Essential revenue cycle and A/R management

As health systems struggle to take on professional-fee revenue cycle responsibilities for newly employed practices, we can provide support to help manage coding, billing, and even technology platforms for both hospital and physician revenue cycle management.

  • Medical Coding and Healthcare Regulatory Compliance: From full outsourcing to episodic project work, our coding services address both sides of coding by identifying missed revenue opportunities as well as potential compliance risks due to inaccurate coding.
  • Claim Management: Our team scrubs procedural and diagnosis codes against Correct Coding Initiative and payer-specific edits. Charge capture audits confirm that charges and receipts are not missed by reconciling patient charges in the hospital, office, clinics, surgery suites and more.
  • Billing and Payment Management: From insurance billing and patient statements, to payment posting and validation, Change Healthcare can help manage the critical processes that directly affect one of your most important KPIs: A/R Days.
  • Extended Business Office Services: Our team of experts can augment your staff with both insurance and patient accounts receivable follow-up services including help to establish customized payment plans according to your policies and procedures.
  • Early-Out/Self-Pay Collections Management: Your hospital can decrease bad debt and increase revenue by giving us the hard-to-collect claims. Depending on your needs, we can focus on outstanding claims, including out-of-pocket amounts and across payer types, by age, and by balance.
  • Managed Care Services: Our contract experts can review your third-party payer contracts, analyze future contracts, help prepare for payer contract negotiations, and track managed care contractual agreements.

A/R management services that address growing healthcare trends

Outsourcing your hospital and physician revenue cycle management operations can help address growing pressures as you shift your focus to improving the delivery of care.

  • Medical Denials Management and Underpayment Recovery: From full outsourcing of your denials resolution procedures to performing focused audits, we offer as little or as much help as you need to maintain control of your financial performance.
  • A/R System Conversion: We work through your existing accounts receivable balances, helping you capture revenue both prior to and after system conversion, while your staff focuses on the new system’s implementation and training.
  • Self-Pay Collections: We’ve established the right combination of processes, technology, and patient advocacy to help optimize collections and shorten collection cycles on patient balances to reduce self-pay receivables, increase cash flow, reduce bad debt, and optimize financial performance.
  • End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Services is a strategy to help health systems improve revenue cycle management processes, become more efficient, and positively affect their organization's financial health.

Powerful accounts receivable analysis

We act as an extension of your business office staff to help accelerate cash collections using best practice processes, automated tools and analytics.

  • Monthly Reporting gives details of net revenue calculations and cash flow projections based on payer mix and monthly trending.
  • On Demand Analytics gives you on-demand and on-the-go access to your organization’s detailed medical billing and accounts receivable data with high-level dashboards, standard report templates, email report delivery and easy point-and-click navigation.
  • Account View and Collaboration allows you to view patient account records to research patient inquiries and view billed claim history, facilitate requests for additional information, collaborate on recovering denials, and track transactions entered by practice staff.

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