Patient Responsibility Management

Self-Pay patient collection services for hospitals and health systems that want to increase patient collections and shorten billing collection cycles.

Streamline Your Hospitals Patient Collections Process

Optimize collections and shorten collection cycles on patient balances by applying effective processes, technology, and patient advocacy services.

Collect payments faster by addressing self-pay collections upfront and offering text-to-pay.

Educate your patients effectively about their medical costs using a patient-centered process that incorporates into your internal workflows to perfect the timing and focus of patient communications.

Improve the patient experience during the self-pay collection process. Refining call to answer times and how questions are handled increases their likelihood to pay.

Reduce overhead costs by using our dedicated self-pay team and by applying advanced technology.

Reinforce your organization’s brand by customizing patient communications and applying high quality telephone outreach and inbound call handling practices.

Increase Collections from Self-Pay Patient Accounts

Patient-focused approach

  • Ensure your patients understand their medical costs with our patient-centered communication processes.
  • Perfect the timing and focus of patient communications by incorporating the information into internal workflows.
  • Improve the patient experience and increase their likelihood to pay by answering questions quickly and counseling patients on their payment options.
  • Offer innovative payment options such as text-to-pay to make it easier for patients to make payments.

Dedicated self-pay staff

  • Use predictive dialers and automatic call tracking and recording (where available by state law) to follow up on self-pay obligations early, efficiently and effectively.
  • Reduce your team’s burden by allowing our multi-lingual staff to help field patient inquiries and minimize complaints.

Customer service best practices

  • Apply the highest quality telephone outreach practices and inbound call handling for your patients to help them satisfy their financial obligations to your organization.
  • Use customized phone scripts to help your patients resolve any outstanding financial matter (payment plan, secondary insurance, charity program, etc.) during a potentially serious time in their lives.

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