Acuity Revenue Cycle Analytics™

An analytics-driven revenue cycle management solution for providers that want a cross-functional view for making timely decisions impacting financial outcomes, staff productivity and the patient experience.

Analytics to Help Inform Your Revenue Cycle

Speed decision making with near real-time data that you can trust.

Gain ongoing visibility into interdependencies of cross-functional processes and performance against financial outcomes.

Support patient engagement goals by refining processes impacting patient payment.

Enable performance management with digestible data across multiple functions, even with various revenue cycle systems in use.

Reduce dependency on IT resources for accessing the information you need.

Drive best practice operations by leveraging data-based recommendations for performance and setting alerts when thresholds are not met.

An Analytics-Driven Approach to Denial Prevention and Management

Learn how an analytics-driven approach to denial prevention and management can help providers and their revenue stream.

Orlando Health Gains Insight Into Denials, Reduces A/R Days

Learn how Orlando Health gained insight into denials, reduced A/R days and developed workflows to streamline collections.

Act with Performance Insight

Responsive reporting

  • Quickly and easily identify problem areas with a dashboard that features a snapshot of critical information.
  • Consult the most up-to-date data that’s compiled automatically and in near real-time.
  • Receive a guided approach to using the robust data within the solution for common issues.

Trackable performance

  • Understand whether performance is exceeding, on track, or lagging based on suggested performance thresholds based on industry-wide data.
  • Visual indicators highlight when performance is outside of thresholds.
  • Use suggested performance thresholds or customize to meet unique needs.

Easy customization

  • Source from 80+ standard, yet also customizable, reports to gain the information you need for analysis.
  • Gain visibility into your data via reporting bundles to improve processes in: Patient Access, Services Rendered, Billing Efficiencies, Reimbursements, Denial Analysis, Payer Relations.
  • Create unique reports using any available criteria for unique use cases.

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