Connected Authorization Services

Optimize authorization management by leveraging expert staffing, intelligent automation, and broad connectivity.

Streamline Medical Authorizations

Deploy pre-authorization experts who use intelligent technology to help handle routine authorizations rapidly and work complex cases by exception, improving the efficiency and accuracy of medical authorizations

Enable a smoother, more precise workflow with technology that automates manual tasks, including the identification of authorization requirements, authorization submission, and status inquiries.

Easily manage pre-certification for inpatient and outpatient procedures and therapies, and inpatient retrospective authorization after receipt of Medicaid eligibility

Build and scale capabilities to help prevent unnecessary care delays, support accurate reimbursement, and reduce the cost of medical-authorization efforts

Accelerate data sharing with payers through direct payer connections and avoid timely filing delays

Gauge performance with detailed assessments and month-over-month reports that monitor key performance indicators and spot improvement opportunities early

Drive Efficient, Accurate, and Timely Authorizations

Flexible Staffing Model

  • Our trained specialists monitor routine authorizations using intelligent automation.
  • For complex cases, they provide expert oversight, insight, and support at all points to drive success.
  • Team members average more than 10 years of clinical and authorization experience, and our clinicians (nurses or allied health) have specialized education in authorization requirements and commercial screening tools.  

Intelligent Automation


  • Authorization technology integrates with an HIS to automate routine tasks and flag potential issues for our staff.
  • Helps reduce the time and effort required to complete an average prior authorization
  • Identifies accounts requiring further intervention, allowing our expert staff to work by exception


Broad Payer Connectivity

  • Hundreds of payer connections enable faster authorization submission and easier communication with payers

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