Clinical Access and Triage Management Services

Access-management services for providers who want to route patients to the most appropriate care setting to optimize resources and manage costs, simultaneously driving patient volume and satisfaction.

Optimize Patient-Access Strategies and Care Utilization

Align needs to resources by routing patients to the most clinically appropriate, cost-effective care setting

Keep patients in your network by giving them timely clinical guidance on health concerns and care options that support improved care outcomes

Help patients avoid unnecessary higher-cost settings such as emergency departments (EDs) to minimize their out-of-pocket expense and your risk of bad debt 

Reduce the risk of costly and unnecessary readmissions and help ensure resources allocated to secondary and tertiary care are used wisely 

Leverage expert clinicians, evidenced-based protocols, and clinical decision support tools to drive success

Benefit from technology-enabled workflows that deliver best-in-class service and enable you to continually monitor and measure performance

Triage of Patients: Align Access, Setting, and Cost

Be Patients’ Go-To Resource

  • Our clinicians average 10+ years of clinical experience, with specialized experience in care management and telehealth services.
  • We assist patients seeking help with illnesses and injuries, medication compliance, chronic case management, post-operative follow-up, test results, and discharge planning compliance.
  • We route patients to the most appropriate care setting—provider office, urgent care, or ED—and schedule office visits directly with providers. Triage outcomes are documented in the patient’s medical record.
  • Our services are flexible; they can be used for temporary support or can become an extension of your organization.

Access Advanced Technology

  • During implementation, we invest significant time in discovery to understand your clinical pathways, which are then leveraged along with industry-standard, evidence-based pathways to develop the script and patient flow.
  • Our call center infrastructure and telephony technology services include:
    • Calibration – helps ensure quality standards and outcome expectations are understood and met
    • Side-by-Side Screen Capture Monitoring – facilitates navigation efficiency and appropriate system actions, and leverages provided tools
    • Silent Monitoring – focuses on soft skills and adherence to scripts
    • Focused Audits – isolate outliers and/or new processes
    • Quality Program – helps ensure adherence to standards and protocols for providing clinical advice to patients 
    • Dashboards – use analytics to track and measure results

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