Physician and Hospital Coding Services

Medical coding and staffing services for hospitals, health systems, and physician practices who want to improve their coding accuracy and optimize revenue by partnering with a team of experienced coders.

Increase Medical Coding Accuracy

Improve your coding accuracy to increase reimbursement and reduce compliance and audit risks.

Identify the specific errors or disconnects that result in a denied claim by reviewing, monitoring, and tracking each medical claim.

Gain insights about your organization’s coding and clinical documentation performance by assessing processes and performance by provider and department.

Leverage technical and professional staffing services for contract, hourly, temporary, or permanent positions, as well as direct hires.

Use qualified, trained coders with deep 1CD-10 expertise and specific knowledge about your specialties.

Use our flexible coding services in any care setting and for any duration. We can help you improve coding accuracy with ongoing, periodic, or one-time coding assistance.

Depend on our Medical Coding Expertise

Optimize revenue with qualified, experienced coders

  • Hands on medical coding services can help you improve accuracy with ongoing, periodic, or one-time coding assistance across all medical specialties and care settings for hospitals and physician practices.
  • Our team of over 1,100 certified coders exceed industry standards of excellence and can work with multiple software billing systems so you can leverage your technology investments.
  • Our onsite and remote coding services address specific coding areas including inpatient, outpatient, emergency department, ambulatory care, surgery centers, and provider-based billing locations.

Improve coding accuracy with certified staff

  • We provide technical and professional staffing services for contract, hourly, temporary, or permanent positions, as well as direct hires. Our coding professionals will review, monitor, and track each medical claim to identify the disconnects that create errors.
  • With our Health Information Management (HIM) staffing services, we assist in the implementation of new programs, review and optimize existing operations, and offer training, education, and staffing support.
  • Onsite or virtual training and education helps address coding and documentation deficiencies. We can help your staff document more effectively and code more accurately to ensure you receive reimbursement for all services rendered.

Providing Measurable Value


accuracy standard for coders


internal audit adjustments due to auditor requirements


hours of compliance training annually

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When it Comes to Coding, Accuracy Matters

Infographic on coding challenges and best practices for hospitals, health systems, and physician practices.

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