Transfer DRG Services

A reimbursement management solution for providers that want to leverage expertise and technology to identify underpayments tied to CMS’ Post-Acute Care Transfer rule, and recover associated revenue.

Maximize Medicare  Reimbursement

Combine expert resources with technology to  navigate the complicated Medicare Transfer DRG billing process.

Identify more underpayments, including those missed by previous vendors.

Successfully recover revenue associated with incorrectly paid claims. 

Meet timely filing requirements for retrospective reviews through a comprehensive end-to-end process.

Help Ensure You Get Paid for the Services You Provide

Dedicated Resources Make the Difference

  • Our seasoned Transfer DRG team provides consultative, high-touch customer support to help you identify more underpayments and recover revenue.
  • Our comprehensive solution includes: 
    • Expanded technology-enabled approach to reviewing claims by applying expanded audit criteria
    • A multi-check verification process to identify and validate incorrectly paid claims prior to submission
    • Claims management until lost revenue is fully recovered
    • Data and insights to help you create a concurrent strategy to prevent Transfer DRG payment issues
  • In addition to helping identify more underpayments, our work also serves as documentation support for RAC audits.

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