Transparency & Provider Search Solutions

Member engagement tools for health plans that want to improve health outcomes and drive satisfaction by offering health shopping and communication platforms to help members choose better care at a better price.

Shop, Search, Select

The rise of consumerism in healthcare

Driven by value-based care initiatives, payers and providers are investing millions of dollars in consumer engagement technology. As consumers are now accustomed to relying on user-friendly retail platforms, they are demanding more intuitive tools to help them navigate the complex world of healthcare.

Your members are searching for a comparable healthcare shopping experience, in which choice, accessibility, and guided exploration are key components of a responsive, personalized service platform. They are thirsting for change, relevance, and immediate access to useful health information.

Changing member behavior

Successful member engagement requires far more than technology alone. Our products deliver accurate, proactive, and timely recommendations before members even realize they need them. Our tools use leading-edge AI technologies, proprietary data and algorithms, and proven behavioral science communication techniques to deliver personalized content to your members.

Our transparency and provider search solutions tailor the health shopping experience to provide the information your members want when they want it. Our tools use personalized suggestions to help your members save money and improve their health. At the same time, they reduce payer costs, create efficiencies, and increase member loyalty.

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