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True View™ Plus

True View Plus cost transparency solution helps payers meet CMS transparency mandates and gives members more control of their healthcare decisions with access to view and compare healthcare costs.    

Price Transparency Drives Informed Decisions

Build member trust and loyalty with accurate healthcare cost transparency tools

Reduce Spend: True View helps payers lower claims expenses 

Members can access health savings through the True View platform, health plan website, mobile, email and Well Alerts

Help members make smarter healthcare decisions with more control over care and costs

True View Plus is Flexible, Personalized, and Intuitive

Comprehensive cost transparency features 

  • Search quickly on costs for 500 shoppable medical services
  • Incorporate pharmacy costs for more than 4,000 prescriptions
  • Improve health literacy through consumer-friendly language
  • Incorporate results into payer user experiences
  • Integrate pharmacy and HSA vendors to provide holistic consumer content

Member experience––beyond price comparison 

  • Helps members learn how to shop for healthcare and better understand benefits 
  • Highlights providers that are nearest to the member, lowest cost or designated as a preferred provider or center of excellence
  • Provides enhanced out-of-pocket analysis that addresses complex plan designs like tiered networks and benefit exclusions
  • Generates relevant and timely messages about important health issues 

Providing Measurable Value


Accuracy of routine monitoring in validating costs1


True View Plus ranking in 2018 and 2019 KLAS Category: Software and Analytics2

1 2019 Change Healthcare Claims Data

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