Prometheus Analytics® Partner Program

Prometheus Analytics provides insights to support your value-based care programs—from supporting claims processing, calculating budgets, and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of providers.

To benefit from the full power of the Prometheus Analytics, we encourage you to reach out to one of our certified partners.

Benefit From Certified Prometheus Analytics Partners

Prometheus Analytics Certified Partners

  • Change Healthcare, Claims and Provider Analysis Certification Version 5.5
  • Cognizant, Claims Processing Certification Version 5.5
  • aver, Claims and Provider Analysis Certification Version 5.5


Specific-Use Prometheus Analytics Certification Types 

  • Claims Processing Certification – Focuses on the grouping of claims into bundles and differentiating those associated with typical services versus potentially avoidable complications (PACs).
  • Claims and Provider Analysis Certification – Focuses on the use of Prometheus Analytics to sift through historical claims data and create severity-adjusted comparisons of episode costs attributed to providers.
  • Payment Implementations Certification – Focuses on the ability to implement the Prometheus Analytics Payment model, including creation of severity-adjusted prospective budgets for EOCs, and reconciliation of budgets to actual costs.


Providing Measurable Value


Episodes of Care


covered lives including commercial & Medicaid1


in claims analyzed annually2

1. Based on customer information & feedback
2. Internal CHNG data based on claims using Prometheus Analytics

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